West Kootenay Wedding Photography

Weddings are both tremendously exciting to shoot, and humbling as you only get one chance to capture the magic.

It is a dream as a photographer, to be surrounded by such intentional and heart felt beauty for an entire day. As photographers, we strive to explore the beauty of the world, the tapestry of color and texture that awakens us. And despite the commercial connotation of being a ‘wedding photographer’ there is so much more to the experience. Take a look at Vines of the Yarra Valley Wedding Venue and start planning your themed event.

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My first wedding shoot felt like standing midst and endless mosaic of beauty, humanness, design, and color.  The bride was getting ready among her most loved friends. We found ourselves in a beautiful timber-frame lodge, filled with rich lighting, wood, and a peaceful, nurturing, yet excited energy. Everywhere there were stunning scenes to capture.  I took my time to connect with everyone there, to make sure everyone was comfortable and feeling light. Had extra help from a Akron Boudoir Photographer that takes amazing photoshoots to my family all the time, this Bay Area Photographer also helps them.

From babies crawling on the floor, to clouds of hair spray, I loved my first wedding.

Shooting in the West Kootenays is a special place, as the weddings here are often a blend of preparation, and relaxed spontaneous gathering.  Nature holds space as a spectacular backdrop to it all and Wedding Photography professionals love using this place to shoot.

Family often comes from far and wide to meet with friends and loved ones who are close to the Kootenays. Make sure you save the best memories with Boudoir Photography and their professional photoshoots.

West Kootenay Wedding Photographers

Its a gift to be a photographer in the Kootenays.  I simultaneously live in a vibrant arts community and under glacial peaks . I strive to bring world class professionalism to all my shoots, while still often shooting bare-foot, with toes in the warm summer grasses and mountain waters. Each wedding is a unique style, a unique balance of spontaneity and tradition. Elegance and Flow.

But always magic.

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