Fire Spinning in Bulb Mode

There are a number of both tutorials on fire spinning & photography, as well as a huge number of stunning images that people have made with long exposure and steel wool. The other night, I wanted to try something different – a really simple approach to this technique – exploring a complete black background and as much pure symmetry / reflection as possible.  I also wanted to be able to capture the entire spray of sparks – with a wide enough lens that the whole scene was captured.

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a night of fire

Across the lake from Nelson, BC we spent a evening spinning fire, and taking photos under the moonlight.

The Night Sky

I have been waiting a long winter to photograph the stars and the milky way.  I purchased new lens in December, but the night sky did not clear till about mid February. We finally got some open and cold nights, and even a touch of the northern lights showed.  Here are some photos from the past weeks.
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City Light Long Exposure

I spent two hours one night on a beach about 1 km from the core of Nelson, BC.  Using the points of light of the city lamps, these long exposure were made by simply moving the camera while the shutter was open. I did very little post processing in Lightroom, mostly tried to draw out the variations in colors from the different types of lamps in the city.  The bands or lines within the streaks are from the flicker of the city lights. A constant 50Hz hum – captured in movement.

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