Northern Lights over Nelson BC

In the early morning of May 8th, 2016 a solar storm impacted the planet and created a spectacular aurora over Nelson, British Columbia. Over the span of 36 hours, the northern lights came to life. Shot with 2 Nikon D610’s the video featured time-lapse footage from Nelson, BC

a night of fire

Across the lake from Nelson, BC we spent a evening spinning fire, and taking photos under the moonlight.

The Night Sky

I have been waiting a long winter to photograph the stars and the milky way.  I purchased new lens in December, but the night sky did not clear till about mid February. We finally got some open and cold nights, and even a touch of the northern lights showed.  Here are some photos from the past weeks.
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A garden world


Through the summer, I spent time soaking up all the incredible diversity that lives within our garden.  Its winter now, and comparing the rich tapestry of life of summer to the crystal stillness of winter is almost impossible.  Here are some of my photos from the summer – many shot with macro extension tubes on the camera.  Shot with Nikon D5100 / 18-200mm with Extension Tubes.