Commercial Photography


I worked for 20 years as a graphic designer and web developer.  I bring an intimate knowledge of photographing professionally for both the web and print mediums and know the impact stunning work can have on your marketing campaigns.

Hourly, Half-Day, and Full-Day Packages Available

Wedding Photography


I offer full day wedding photography packages. I treat my wedding photography as an art form, always trying to push the envelope of creativity, beauty, and an eye for moments of magic.

Nelson BC Photography // Adrian Wagner

Weddings, Corporate, Fashion, Portrait, Landscape Photography

Photography is the art of light – the way light bends, moves, reflects, and comes to rest.

From portraits to landscapes I strive to make each photo a unique perspective on a singular moment. Exploring lighting, texture, space, and the way in which a photograph can tell a story… these are the elements that drive my passion.

Real Estate Photography

Impeccable Images to take your advertising and listings to the next level

Full frame DSLR image quality + the sharpest wide angle optics available + detailed post-production editing + stunning low light imagery.

The details that will set you apart.

We craft websites.

We are passionate about clean design, distinctive imagery, and empowering our clients.

Designing for mobile requires a strategic & adaptable layout, and content that connects to the hearts and minds of your audience. We build mobile-ready websites with images that grab attention, a story that weaves your brand together, and a user experience that is engaging regardless of screen size.

Adrian Wagner

Professional Photographer

I have been taking photographs for over 20 years. From my 1st Nikon film camera that I used to explore black and white film photography in 1996, I found my love for creativity in the momentary. Photography has changed since my days of 35mm negatives and darkrooms. I love to explore the envelope of what is now possible in professional digital format – and strive to continuously evolve my craft as a professional photographer.

I love working with passionate people. If you are inspired by what you see, get in touch.