• Adrian Wagner

    Piano Concert + Live Multimedia Dance Performance
    February 10th 7:30pm

Adrian Wagner, Slava Doval, Edon Pulak

Piano Concert + Live Dance Multimedia

Saturday February 10th 2018

Capitol Theater, Nelson BC
Doors at 7pm, Concert at 7:30pm

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A night of solo piano followed by a live multimedia dance performances with Adrian Wagner, Slava Doval, and Eldon Pulak.

Adrian Wagner began exploring composition and improvisation on the piano at the age of 5. He grew up surrounded by both classical choral music and southern gospel jazz. Living in one of the most ethnically diverse areas of the US, he simultaneously sang in a choir at one of only 5 gothic cathedrals in the USA, and as pianist for a dominantly black gospel choir and jazz orchestra.

At the age of 17, Adrian moved to New York City to study classical composition, jazz piano, and improvisation. He later furthered his studies of jazz and audio production at the Berklee College of Music, in Boston, MA. In 1999, he travelled to Zimbabwe, where he spent 6 months writing a thesis on improvisation in traditional Shona music.

Since moving back to his roots in Canada, Adrian has toured across Canada as the keyboardist for the Wassabi Collective. His most recent project was Odyssey 3 – a live 3 piece piano trio with Paul Landsberg + Jimmy Lewis. He has also played with Tetradecagon, Ganga Giri, Mishka, and The Ensemble Project in NYC. He has produced 6 albums to date and lived for 1 year at the Yasodhara Ashram, where he dove into the exploration of devotional music & bhajans.

A mix of classical, jazz, Eastern music, and simplicity, his solo piano concerts offer an inward journey into the rich sonic tapestry of the piano, and an exploration of music from around the world. He also integrates live virtual orchestrations one additional keyboards.

Past Performances

From intimate shows for 50 people to live performances in front of three thousand festival goers, Adrian has played a wide spectrum of shows and concerts. Adrian has performed at Kaslo Jazz Fest, Star Belly Jam, Shambala Music Festival, Om Festival, Revelstoke Music Festival, Unity Festival, Berklee Hall in Boston, and the Reisinger Hall in New York City.

Past Projects

Ensemble Project /// An improvisational ensemble from New York City
Wassabi Collective /// Internationally known electronic music & dance band with performances and tours Across Canada
Odyssey 3 /// 3 piece jazz + improvisational trio
Pureblend /// 5 piece world music band
Grand Theft Canoe /// 4 piece hip hop & live jazz project
Luminous Fog + Nico Luminous, Portland, OR /// 5 piece hip hop & live jazz project