Samyang 24mm 1.4 Manual Focus Lens Review

This is my first 1.4 lens – and it feels like the most unique focal length aperture combo I have played with so far.

The lens is sharp, it makes good photos, its MF which is a pain. Rather then review the lens in detail, as its been done so many times already, especially for astro-photography. Ill review the focal length at such a wide aperture.


There is something so cinematic about it. The shots that come out are just special somehow – like there is a magic created in the wideness and bokehliciousness that our eyes just cant ever experience on their own.


Its like the bokeh of a super telephoto prime is available, but at the same time, you get a wider glimpse of the world around the subject. You get place + magic + subject isolation. I guess this is obvious, but for now I am super excited to play with this new angle on life.

Great For Kids

To get the most out of the 1.4, you have to get really close, which is easier with little people. Easier too that they still look good all up-close + distorted.  In this way this seems like the ultimate kid magic lens.

In Focus?

There is something else Im finding with this lens, I don’t even care what is in focus, even fully out focus images have this magic to them. There is so much drama, that if they eye is sharp or the hand, I don’t care.  With a telephoto its like you have failed if you have a subject with sharp ears, and blurry eyes, but with this lens its like all the more magic to ya.