Improvised grand piano & synthesis

Exploration of improvisation across a wide spectrum of genres, from classical to jazz, from ambient to world music. Adrian has performed across North America, from New York City, to Shambala Music Festival. In his solo concerts, he merges grand piano with other sounds like cello, violin, choral music, and digital synths.

Custom Prints

Stunning photography on your walls

My current explorations have been in night photography – using both studio and natural lighting to create unique images. I have also been exploring motion / dance / and mediums that convey the movement within a still frame.

Commercial Photography


I worked for 20 years as a graphic designer and web developer.  I bring an intimate knowledge of photographing professionally for both the web and print mediums and know the impact stunning work can have on your marketing campaigns.

Hourly, Half-Day, and Full-Day Packages Available

Real Estate Photography

Impeccable Images to take your advertising and listings to the next level

Full frame DSLR image quality + the sharpest wide angle optics available + detailed post-production editing + stunning low light imagery.

The details that will set you apart.

We craft websites.

We are passionate about clean design, distinctive imagery, and empowering our clients.

Designing for mobile requires a strategic & adaptable layout, and content that connects to the hearts and minds of your audience. We build mobile-ready websites with images that grab attention, a story that weaves your brand together, and a user experience that is engaging regardless of screen size.

Adrian Wagner

Professional Photographer

I have been taking photographs for over 20 years. From my 1st Nikon film camera that I used to explore black and white film photography in 1996, I found my love for creativity in the momentary. Photography has changed since my days of 35mm negatives and darkrooms. I love to explore the envelope of what is now possible in professional digital format – and strive to continuously evolve my craft as a professional photographer.

I love working with passionate people. If you are inspired by what you see, get in touch.